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The mission of the Poston Community Alliance is to preserve Poston’s incarceration history in order to uphold social justice for all Americans, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. Through multimedia education and the preservation of stories, artifacts and historic structures, Poston’s unique multicultural history, involving Japanese Americans and Native Americans, will be kept alive.


The Poston Pilgrimage is an opportunity to learn more about the Poston Incarceration Camp, where approximately 18,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned during WorldWar II. Visit the current Poston site, learn of our preservation efforts, attend our various workshop and hear from our keynote speaker.

In collaboration with the CRIT Tribal Council, we are upholding the memories of camp life and highlighting the significant links and relationships between the Japanese American detainees and members of the tribal community

Our newly-created Poston exhibit is housed within the Museum of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. The Tribe has generously donated space for our Poston Community Alliance exhibit. It features a map of Poston’s three camps where visitors can locate the exact barrack and apartment where their family resided.


Preserve our legacy by donating or purchasing a memorial brick.

This presentation includes a video and intercultural panel, which will reveal the close ties and intersectionality between the Colorado River Indian Tribes and the Poston Community Alliance. It begins with the powerful words of Dennis Patch, the former Tribal Chairman of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.


The panel includes Marlene Shigekawa, President of the Poston Community Alliance and Valerie Welsh-Tahbo, Museum Director of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. Shane Sato, of Shane Sato Photography and a Board Member of the Poston Community Alliance, will be moderating.

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