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The Blue Jay trailer


Poston Live: It’s Lessons and Multicultural Legacy is an educational multimedia and

multicultural course program, which includes: a short-form narrative film (The Blue Jay) and

research document (Sharing a Desert Home). Both describe the Poston Concentration Camp’s

evolution and development on the Colorado River Tribes Reservation. This two-part educational model will inform high school students and college students of the valuable connection between the Japanese American and Indigenous communities at the Poston Incarceration Camp during World War II.

Sharing a Desert Home: Life on the Colorado River Indian Reservation, by Ruth Y. Okimoto. Heyday Books (2001) 


Ruth Okimoto, PhD, former Poston 3 internee, received a grant from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (C.C.L.P.E.P.) and with her research, uncovered documents at the U. S. National Archives on the formation of the “Colorado River Relocation Center” as it was called by the U.S. government, and the relationship between the Office of Indian Affairs and the War Relocation Authority (W.R.A.). 

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The Blue Jay Film (15 min.) 

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