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Poston Pilgrimage – Oct 25 & 26, 2024 

The Poston Pilgrimage is an opportunity to learn more about the Poston Incarceration Camp, where approximately 18,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II. Visit the current Poston site, learn of our preservation efforts, attend our various workshop and hear from our keynote speaker.

In collaboration with the CRIT Tribal Council, we are upholding the memories of camp life and highlighting the significant links and relationships between the Japanese American incarcerates and members of the tribal community.

Our Poston exhibit is housed within the Museum of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. The Tribe has generously donated space for our Poston Community Alliance exhibit. It features a map of Poston’s three camps where visitors can locate the exact barrack and apartment where their family resided.

The pilgrimage is organized by the Poston Community Alliance, which is actively working to preserve the stories, artifacts, and historic structures of Poston, a World War II Concentration Camp, located on the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) reservation.

The registration fee includes Poston site visits, workshops, lunch and the banquet. Once you have registered for the Pilgrimage, an Eventbrite link will be sent to you to schedule your workshops and Poston exhibit viewing time. Registration will open later in 2024.

Vendors and Volunteers can email us at

Schedule 2024


     Registration 10am - 6pm

     Poston Exhibit Viewing - 10am - 5pm

     Program on Poston Live & The Blue Jay Film  4pm


     Registration - 8:30 am

     Board Buses - 9 am

     Opening Ceremony at CRIT Museum 9:15 am

     Visit to Poston Memorial Monument 10:30 am

      Site Visit to Poston Site 11:15 am

      Lunch at La Pera School 12:30 pm

      Workshops at La Pera School  1:30 -3:30 pm

      Banquet at the Blue Water Resort & Casino 6 pm 

      Keynote Speaker - Dale Minami 7 pm

      Pilgrimage Closing 9 pm

October 25, 2024

October 26, 2024

Hotel Reservation

Blue Water Resort & Casino

11300 Resort Dr, Parker, AZ 85344

928 669-7000 

Oct, 24 - $89 / Oct. 25-26 $119 each day

Best Western

1012 S Geronimo Ave  Parker, AZ 85344

928 669-6060

$115 includes breakfast 


Designing & Constructing the Poston Memorial Monument

Presenter: Reid Nishikawa


A short video documenting the design construction of the Poston Memorial Monument and conversation with one of the members of the Poston Memorial Monument Committee


The Go For Broke Spirit

Presenter: Shane Sato


Over 20 years in the making, Shane Sato has been photographing Nisei veterans

from all across the country. In this workshop he will be sharing stories of the

veterans, why they volunteered out of the camps such as Poston, how the project turned into a two- volume book.


Poston’s Preservation Efforts

Presenter : Barara Darden


A presentation of our past preservation efforts at the Poston Elementary School

Site I and future plans for developing an Interpretive Center.


The Kindness of Color

Presenter : Janice Munemitsu


The author, Janice Munemitsu, will share how the paths of two immigrant families intertwined during WWII and led to a landmark court case, which changed California’s educational laws.


Poston’s Farm Labor

Presenters: Kathy Nakagawa & Katie Nuss Louis


A presentation of the history of how Poston’s infrastructure was developed based on wartime politics that led to Poston’s abundant agriculture.


Nikkei Farm History

Presenter : Amanda Kim


The Kansha History: Nikkei Farm History project documents and publishes the

losses of Nikkei (Japanese American) farmers during World War II. These records

are a window into the family and community life of thousands of Japanese Americans. Today, volunteers are restoring this history by transcribing these records and making them searchable to descendants and the public.

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